Wisconsin: Cheese, Beer, and Food

Almost every year I travel to Wisconsin for the holidays. It seems that nowhere else in the country I take photos the same way. There is a style that I always come out of Wisconsin with that doesn't match what I do other places.

Months Later and Now I'm Back

 Since getting a new job at Georgetown University I really haven't made the time or effort to update pictures on the blog. Hopefully this post can make up for the lack of content here. Last year I went on a vacation to Colorado. And let me tell you - it was amazing. Every landscape was breathtaking. Every mountain was inspiring. Hopefully this post will inspire you to travel there. 

Philly Phinatics

Last weekend I got to experience Philadelphia for the first time! The city was a fascinating place that had an interesting mix of history and modernity. I would go on and talk about the place, people, and experiences but I think the pictures tell a much better story.

Walking Through D.C.

I recently got to try out a camera rental service Parachut. It's similar to the DVD version of Netflix (#oldschool), in that you pay a monthly fee and can rent a camera for as long as you pay the fee. It's a great service if you have some extra cash to burn, and want to try out new cameras and lenses. I rented the Sony A6300 with a couple Sigma Art lenses. I've used the A7 series of cameras so the controls and menus were familiar. The camera performed well and I had fun taking snaps around town. The dynamic range wasn't up to the depth of the A7 series or other full frame SLRs, but I was happy with the photos I got. If I got this camera it would primaryly be for video since it does SLOG and 4K. Below are some of the photos I took around town!